Spyro Declares Portable as the Only Artist He Won’t Collaborate With

Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, popularly known as Spyro, has openly stated that there is one artist he would never work with: street-pop singer Portable. Spyro believes that Portable would not be able to perform well if he were to write a song for him, citing their contrasting styles of music.

Spyro Declares Portable as the Only Artist He Won't Collaborate With

In a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos, the talented artist expressed his reservations about collaborating with Portable, clarifying that it is not due to any personal issues between them but rather the mismatch between their musical genres.

Spyro Declares Portable as the Only Artist He Won't Collaborate With

Spyro shared, “Not because I have an issue with him, but because our paths just don’t cross, like, our kinds of music don’t align. Portable, I guess. It can’t work. He wouldn’t be able to deliver the kind of music that I would write for him because it’s not his tier.”

Despite his decision, Spyro acknowledged that Portable is indeed a talented singer, highlighting his musical abilities. The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ crooner made it clear that his reluctance to collaborate with Portable stems solely from their differing styles and musical preferences.

As artists continue to explore collaborations and musical partnerships, it is not uncommon for individual preferences and artistic visions to influence such decisions. Spyro’s frank revelation regarding Portable showcases his commitment to finding musical compatibility and ensuring the best outcomes for his creative endeavors.

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