How I Dealt With Lady Who Denied Knowing Me – Davido

Controversy Ensues as Davido Unveils How He Handled Lady Who Denied Knowing Him

In a recent interview with Real 92.3 FM, popular Nigerian singer Davido opened up about a rather intriguing incident involving a lady who claimed she had no knowledge of his existence.

How I Dealt With Lady Who Denied Knowing Me - Davido

The award-winning artist, known for his hit track “Unavailable,” shared the story, shedding light on how he intentionally handled the situation.

According to Davido, the lady in question blatantly denied ever hearing about him. Taken aback by her response, he decided to take matters into his own hands. The singer promptly reached out to his loyal fan club, urging them to take action and make their presence known on the lady’s Instagram comment section.

During the interview, Davido boldly revealed, “There is this lady that told me she doesn’t know me. I called my fan club and told them to f*ck her IG up.”

Determined to defend his reputation, the artist mobilized his fan base to flood the lady’s Instagram with messages.

True to his word, Davido’s fans went above and beyond, bombarding the lady with an astonishing 50,000 messages. These messages ranged from abusive remarks to demanding that she show some respect for the acclaimed singer.

However, in an unexpected twist, the lady reportedly reached out to Davido following this experience. While the details of their conversation remain undisclosed, it appears that the incident did not pass without some form of consequence.

Watch him speak below:

Davido’s revelation has since sparked a heated debate among netizens, with opinions divided.

Some argue that the singer’s actions were justified, considering the lady’s denial, while others condemn the use of online harassment as a means of retribution. Social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions, reflecting the diverse perspectives surrounding this incident.

As fans eagerly await further developments and potential clarifications, one thing is certain: Davido’s account of how he dealt with a lady who denied knowing him has ignited a fiery conversation within the online community.

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