Portable Set Internet Agogo As Police Invades His ‘Odogwu’ Bar

The Nigerian singer, Portable, has made headlines for his confrontation with the police officers who attempted to arrest him.

Portable Set Internet Agogo As Police Invades His 'Odogwu' Bar

A video of the incident circulated online, where the Zazu Zeh singer could be seen shouting and challenging the police officer’s authority.

According to Portable, the police were brought to arrest him and some of his associates by a person who he had previously helped and advised to pursue a career in music instead of engaging in internet fraud.

He insisted that he earned his income through legitimate means and did not deserve to be arrested.

In the video, Portable can be seen standing his ground, showing viewers the bus the police had brought to take him and his associates away. He demanded to know the reason for his arrest, asked to see the officers’ ID cards, and rebuffed their attempts to silence him.

The musician went on Instagram Live to update his fans on the situation and continued to challenge the police officers in his office. He emphasized his status as a celebrity and a superstar, claiming to work for the APC and be a liability to the federal government.

Portable’s defiant stance in the face of the police officers’ authority has sparked controversy, with many expressing support for him, while others have criticized his actions.

See the video below:

See some netizen’s reactions below:


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