Odumodublvck’s “Declan Rice” Wins Over Wale and Other Celebrities

Celebrities and Football Star Embrace Chart-Topping Sensation

Odumodublvck's "Declan Rice" Wins Over Wale and Other Celebrities

Acclaimed American rapper Wale has recently expressed his admiration for Odumodublvck’s chart-dominating hit, “Declan Rice.” The Grammy-winning artist joined a growing list of celebrities who have been captivated by the sensational track, which has soared to the top of streaming charts on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Wale demonstrated his support by posting a video on Instagram, capturing his reaction while watching the song’s visualizer. The post quickly caught the attention of Odumodublvck, who then shared Wale’s video on his own social media platform, expressing gratitude for the recognition.

Odumodublvck's "Declan Rice" Wins Over Wale and Other Celebrities
Odumodublvck, Nigerian musical artist

In a remarkable display of the song’s widespread appeal, football star Declan Rice—after whom the hit is named—also acknowledged Odumodublvck’s creative work. Rice shared videos on his social media accounts, showcasing himself singing along to the catchy tune.

The rapidly rising artist Odumodublvck has also captured the attention of renowned African musicians Wizkid and Davido. Overwhelmed by the support from such prominent figures in the music industry, Odumodublvck has expressed immense appreciation for their endorsements, which have undoubtedly contributed to his growing success.

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