“Your Husband Started And Achieved His Dreams In Nigeria”, Lady Reminds Simi After She Said Nigeria Has Killed Many Dreams

"Your Husband Started And Achieved His Dreams In Nigeria", Lady Reminds Simi After She Said Nigeria Has Killed Many Dreams

Nigerian singer, made a thread about how difficult it is for one to achieve their dream in Nigeria and it has huge traction, However, a lady was quick to remind her how her husband made it in Nigeria.

aired her opinion of Twitter:

I think the most dangerous thing about Naija is that it has killed too many dreams. All the things that we’ll never get to see because the nation is not conducive enough for the average person to dream and build.

For every one person that is living their dreams, there’re thousands just trying not to die. It’s a hard truth, but it’s truth. You can’t just say “Chase your dreams” – when people are studying courses they settled for and then spend 8 years doing a 4 year course, because strike.

You can’t just say “if you can think it, you can do it” – when the capital you’re supposed to use to buy product has become fuel money. Can’t just say “Get up and make it happen” when you spend half your adult life in senseless traffic on bad roads going to a job you hate.

Can’t just say “Take risks” when people just trying to get by are kidnapped and killed in broad daylight.

I wish our leaders would actually settle down and think about how their choices not only affect the economy, and other obvious sectors of the country, but also how it’s destroying our potential for a great future.

The ripple effect of wickedness is thorough. And when this generation of leaders finally gets old enough to leave us alone, I hope it won’t be too late.

Apparently, there’re some people that disagree with Simi’s opinion and one of them happened to be HazelQween on Twitter.

According to @hazelpawa, started his music career and made it in the same country she’s trying to downplay. Also, she noted the fact that the likes of D’banj and left the shores of abroad to start a career in Nigeria and eventually made it.

Your husband with his 11 dreadlocks started and achieved his dreams all in Nigeria.

While people like Banky and D’banj left the dream achievers abroad to make their dreams come true in Nigeria. Nigeria made sure that your little voice was heard all over the world.

You owe her

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