Random Fan Crashes Car Into Taylor Swift’s Home, Demands To See Her

...this isn't the first time the singer's house is been invaded by a man.


A random man has been arrested after crashing his car into Taylor Swift’s home in New York.

Random Fan Crashes Car Into Taylor Swift's Home, Demands To See Her
Taylor Swift

According to Law enforcement, the man told cops he was not going to leave the area until he met with the singer.

This isn’t the first time Taylor Swift’s apartment has been invaded. The most recent one got the fan culprit arrested on Thursday after cops say he crashed his car into her NYC building.

TMZ who broke the news said the man was busted after driving the wrong way down Taylor’s street, then reversing and striking the building and a fire hydrant.

Random Fan Crashes Car Into Taylor Swift's Home, Demands To See Her
Taylor Swift home invaded

We’re told the guy got out of the car and went to the intercom, trying to rip it out of the wall … mumbling about Taylor. As you see, the intercom wires are sticking out every which way.

Our sources say someone called 911 and when NYPD arrived officers took the man into custody and took him to a nearby hospital … presumably for psychiatric evaluation. We’re told he’s facing potential charges for DWI and criminal mischief. Cops say he was drunk.

It’s unclear if Taylor was home at the time.

TalkGlitz also learnt that there have been several men arrested at Taylor’s homes all over the country – from Rhode Island to New York to Bev Hills.

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