Be Careful Who You Call Friends – ‘Angry’ Ike Fires Pretty Mike, Mercy Eke

Former Big Brother Naija lovebirds, Ike Onyema and are on the lips of many social media users after the latter threw a jibe at Ike while speaking on a podcast anchored by Instagram celebrities Nedu and Pretty Mike.

Be Careful Who You Call Friends - 'Angry' Ike Fires Pretty Mike, Mercy Eke

Ike had earlier warned Mercy, Nedu, and not to involve him in their dealings.

The former BBNaija star gave reasons why he has been quiet all along.

He made it known that the era has passed and promised to call anyone who disrespects him out.

In a fresh post, Ike made it known that he respects a lot but he was disappointed that Mike could sit down and talk bad about him.

He wrote:

“People I respect so much, even the guy on blonde hair, someone I call my friend and drink together with can comfortably sit on a podcast and chat shit about me, would go a long way to tell you about what the word friendship mean to people.
They keep forgetting that I blog and people randomly send me information about so many celebrities, even when I don’t ask, I just don’t want to ridicule anybody, but I know everything everyone is doing (Both dirty and clean), I just chose not to go down that line of trying to Humiliate them.
But I’m waiting for any of them to respond to me openly and we can now unveil cans of worm. I dare any of them to reply me or respond back…
Be careful who you call your friend that’s all I have to say for now!!
Have a productive day!!!”


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