BBNaija Tacha Advocates Voting With Conscience, Distributes Money To PVC Holders

BBNaija Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha, has taken to the streets to encourage citizens to vote with their consciences and to remind them of the importance of having their PVCs.

BBNaija Tacha Advocates Voting With Conscience, Distributes Money To PVC HoldersShe urged citizens to vote for the candidate they believe is best suited to lead the country and to take advantage of their right to participate in the upcoming election.

In addition to raising awareness, Tacha also distributed money to individuals as a gesture of compassion and to financially support those who are able to vote.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Tacha could be seen approaching commuters and local residents on the street, inquiring about their PVC status. She emphasized that casting a ballot has a far-reaching impact that affects not just the individual voter but also their family and community.

Tacha stated that her actions were not solely driven by her wealth, but rather by a genuine desire to support and empower individuals.

She wrote, “I will never get tired!!!! We keep going💪🏻

Tag everyone who’s yet to go pick up their PVCS!!! They are part of the PROBLEM!!”

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