BBNaija Phyna Shares Experience Before Winning The Show, Reveals Why She Had Abortions At Age 19, 24

In a recent interview, shared her experiences before and after winning the show.

BBNaija Phyna Shares Experience Before Winning The Show, Reveals Why She Had Abortions At Age 19, 24

When asked about her life after winning the show, Phyna said that it has been great and that things have been falling into place, although there are times when she struggles to balance her new life.

She revealed that before the show, life was a struggle and she had to do various jobs to make money for her family.

Phyna revealed that her motivation for taking part in the show was her desire to be a celebrity and to have a platform to showcase her talents, particularly in acting. She had auditioned for the show four times before finally getting in on the fifth try and while she was in the house, her goal was simply to be there and not necessarily to win.

Phyna was also asked about her admission on the show to committing two abortions. She said that her family is quite open and that people often read too much into things and say whatever they want.

She added that she isn’t ashamed of anything about herself and that if she ever makes a mistake, she owns up to it. She went on to explain that the reason for her decision to take abortion pills was due to her young age and difficult circumstances at the time.

As a celebrity with a strong influence on the youth, Phyna was asked about her thoughts on abortion. She stated that she believes that in the eyes of God, it is a sin, but she has prayed and gone for confession and believes that God has forgiven her. She also said that ultimately, it’s what God says that counts and that she’s not proud of committing abortion, but the situations surrounding her decision were something she couldn’t help.

She said, “It has just been great, and things have been falling into place. Sometimes I try to balance the whole new life although it is not always rosy like that, I am getting used to it.

Life was a struggle and as the first child of the family, before Big Brother Naija, I had to work. I did different jobs for money. I went to clubs to hype, baked, made people’s hair, and did makeup too. I used all my skills to make sure I could provide for the house. So, life was a bit of a struggle. But it’s all better now.”

“Growing up I always said I wanted to be a celebrity. I am into acting but getting into the limelight in Nigeria is quite difficult. So, I have always wanted a platform because I know that the platform could be helpful. For years, I had been on the BBNaija issue, trying to get into the house. I auditioned four times and on the fifth time, I got in. Getting into the house, I never had the intention of winning; I just wanted to be inside. The platform was the goal, so that was it.”

“In my family as a whole, we are very open. People just read meaning to things and say whatever they want, I really do not care. I was just laughing at their responses to me because those that know me know me, I am an open book. I actually responded to that woman when she said “I can’t respond to you, you are an abortionist,” and then I said yes that I have committed abortions. It is fine how people want to see me, I am not ashamed of anything about myself. If I ever make a mistake, I own up to my mistakes. When my dad called me about it, he asked why I said something like that, I just said daddy I learnt it from you oo.”

“As for my reasons for taking abortion pills, if there are 100 women in Nigeria today, 98 have done abortions. So, no one should judge me. I was in a 12-year relationship then and I was so young. The first abortion was when I was 19; I couldn’t go home to tell my parents that I was pregnant at that age. And the two pregnancies were so early like two to three weeks that I could just use tablets. The second was when I was 24, and I had finished serving then. I was ready to keep it but the relationship was getting toxic. He abused me and always beat me up. I said to myself that I couldn’t do this anymore, so I took it out and that was how I ended the relationship.”

“Why would I do that? The way I am now, I have money to take care of 10 children, so why? In fact, if my parents were rich at the time of my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t have aborted it. But because I knew I was from a very poor background, we used to eat once a day then, especially in the afternoon and then carry it till the next day. So, keeping the baby then, was no option for me.

“In the face of God, it’s a sin and I have prayed and gone for confession. I am Catholic and I know God has forgiven me. It is what God says that counts. I don’t care what anybody thinks or says. I am not proud of committing abortion but the situation surrounding it was what I couldn’t help. For me, I do not see the essence of bringing children into this world when you are not ready. So, it’s either you abstain from sex, use protection or when it happens; you are either ready to chest the baby or take it out, especially when the situation is beyond you. Everybody has their own purpose behind their actions, just that there are some who are not scared of committing abortions at all, which is not good.”

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