BBNaija BamBam Reveals How She Was Molested At Age 2

has revealed her childhood experience at the hands of her nanny who molested and sexually abused her when she was a child.

BBNaija BamBam Reveals How She Was Molested At Age 2

She explained it happened from the age of 2 till she was 8 and she couldn’t confide in her parents because the nanny threatened her.

She disclosed that the nanny used to make her suck her breasts and would use her fists to masturbate and that she was raped by men she dated in the past.

She said the abuse left her with trauma that she still has to deal with now that she is married.

While emphasizing stricter punishment for abusers, she revealed that she was raped a few times by some guys she dated while younger.

She took to her Instagram page to pour out the hurt and how the traumatic experience affected her as she grew older.

She wrote, “I Was Abused by a Nanny as a child
between the ages of 2-8. “Part 1” (part 2 is on next post)

she used my fist to masturbate and forced me to suck her breast while at it, it has affected me in different ways , I have also been raped a few times as a young girl, I wasn’t ready to have sex with some of the guys I dated in the past, so they forced themselves on me. durring sex some things trigger trauma I didn’t know wasn’t dealt with, I have gotten help, I still get help.

Look sex MUST be consensual even in marriage! Sex must be consensual at all times! Don’t manipulate a mind into it! Not to talk of children?!!!


Hurt and mentally sick people hurt other people! That nanny was clearly abused or possessed and felt it was okay to do all she did to me! We have sick people making laws to permit their sick orientations! Make it stop!!!”

Not ending it there, she continued, “I Was Abused by a Nanny as a child
between the ages of 2-8. “PART 2”

I know some vile mouths and sick hearted people would say rubbish and make unrelated comments! Some may spin this out of context, some may feel I should have been quiet, Y’all are the major cause of the problem in this world, abused people are committing suicide and some are abusing other people!!!! I owe nobody any explanation! I’m doing my bit, if you care, let’s go!

For the ones with the fear of God, let’s come together and build a community to protect each other and our children from these predators! Let’s do our bit to contribute to healing this dark world let’s do real kingdom work!”

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