Akeem Adeyemi Defends Wumi Toriola Against Ex-Husband’s Claims of Domestic Abuse

Nollywood actor, Akeem Adeyemi has defended his female colleague, Wumi Toriola over her ex-husband’s allegations against her of being violent.

Akeem Adeyemi Defends Wumi Toriola Against Ex-Husband's Claims of Domestic AbuseTalk Glitz reported that her ex-husband opened up about his toxic marriage and alleged that Wumi physically hit his mother. He claimed that their marriage was plagued by violence, deceit, and betrayal on Toriola’s part.

Following the allegations, Toriola denied the accusations and set the record straight. She stated that she has never been physical with her mother-in-law or her own mother and that there are witnesses who can confirm this. She also revealed that her marriage had ended over a year ago and that she had chosen not to share the details on social media in order to avoid unnecessary drama.

However, her colleague, Akeem Adeyemi has come to her defense following allegations made by her ex-husband of domestic violence.

Adeyemi stated that she had been a “maga” in the marriage, taking care of the financial responsibilities and enduring mental abuse from her husband.

Adeyemi also alleged that the ex-husband was lying and trying to tarnish Toriola’s image, and that the mother-in-law in question still had a good relationship with Toriola.

In his word, he said, “Wumi Toriola is not a violent person. She gave her all in that marriage but it didn’t work out as expected. She was a maga in the marriage. Ayo, her ex is so manipulative and he is lying to his new woman just to tarnish Wumi’s image. The mother-in-law he claimed wumi beat still calls her till today

Wumi funded 90% of the wedding. When Ayo her ex was terribly sick and needed money for Surgery. Wumi paid 80% of it. When he had no job, Wumi was taking care of the finances of the home without complaining yet this guy was having extra marital affairs and he gave her a mental torture. When she went to deliver their baby in America. Ayo never called her to check on her. How many women cam accept this?”

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