Actress Jinah Habibat Begs Colleagues To Stop False Rumours About Her

Nollywood actress, has called out her colleagues for making slanderous statements about her in the industry.

Actress Jinah Habibat Begs Colleagues To Stop False Rumours About HerShe said her colleagues in the industry have been spreading rumours about her and kept tarnishing her image everywhere in the industry, especially Yetunde Bakare.

Habibat pleaded and begged her colleague that they should let her live for the sake of her son.

She said she had faced many challenges in her life and fought so many battles and yet, she was still conquering them and that those that were supposed to help her, were chased by her colleagues.

However, she made it known in a post on her Instagram page, that she has been broken, destroyed, rejected and abandoned and that still, she’s still proud of herself.

She wrote, “I am begging you all for the sake of my son.
Please and please, I’m begging you in the name of God.
I have fought so many battles and I’m still standing, I have been broken, destroyed, rejected and abandoned but I am still walking proudly. Please let me live in peace for the sake of my son🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

See some reactions:

Ife gal wrote, “I don’t like that lady called yetunde bakare, she always wants to be seen as the best in the world. Always saying shits about her colleagues like she knows it all, and always trying to shade some of her colleagues! to be successful you don’t need ITK. Nah she know colleagues wey bleach their skin, nah she know colleagues wey Dey do ojuaye, nah she know the ones wey Dey do olosho and the ones wey get pride 😂Why not do your own thing and leave others to do theirs… nah she go Dey party Dey look for who she greeted that snobs her. People like that are bad people! They are called Moralist! People that thinks they are better than everyone ✌️”

officialmoborty wrote, “Smiles…. This revolves my dear. My set did same to me that year and still doing till now. They will even fight that my name be removed from visits to high places, because they feel intimidated.
Yet I rise and still rising.
Habitat your own helper will definitely not pass you by. Believe in God and remain your decent self. It’s only God that connects and never disconnects. Even if they are the one who connects you… trust me they will spoil the place for you once they see you rising beyond their expectations. So stay with God. #laneminder #nofriend #nofoes”

Funketii wrote, “Calm down, please”

Bec wrote, “That Yetunde Bakare na societal menace normally… commenter of the century! Always everywhere”

Beauty wrote, “The worse part is people that do this don’t actually grow themselves… God is not patial,l am even surprised at Mum Josh,why are you worried,report them to God,relax and see where he is taking you n your superstar boy to….aye ope ma yo…..we met all dz in the world and it will remain like that,if Josh com home n tell you same how will you advise him,mama take down dz post cause of the name you mentioned and tell it all to God….your own helper is coming,how will helper sef be asking others before they help that’s because something else might be attached….peace ✌️✌️ mama,we love you like dz strong woman.. sending you loads of hugs 🤗🤗”

Peju wrote, “My dearly, don’t stress yourself God is still in the business of helping, am a living testimony,despite destroying me with there mouth am still standing 🧍‍♀️ so sit and watch see God fight your battle”

Uche wrote, “ou’re a real person that’s why, fake life people always fight people that are real, cos your simple and original lifestyle intimidates their ugly lifestyle , keep being strong, God will always fight your battle for you my darling 🙌”

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