‘Don’t Live For Social Media’ – Broda Shaggi Warns Against Suicide

Nigerian comedian and actor, Samuel Animashaun popularly known as has warned Netizens against living lives for social media.

'Don't Live For Social Media' - Broda Shaggi Warns Against Suicide

He emphasised the increase in the rate at which people commit suicide these days.

In a post on his Instagram story, he advised netizens never to let social media ruin their happiness as he asserts that suicide is never an option.

He advised netizens never to let the pain, hardship as well as darkness they are facing at the moment miss the best part of their lives by ending it all through suicide.

He further added that it’s not always perfect and life is more than living on social media, clubbing partying, and friends among others and that he always looks back at where he started and where he is at the moment then tries as much as possible to get the best out of himself.

He wrote, “Don’t let your pain, the hardship you face, the darkness you find yourself in make your miss the best part of your life to come. It’s crazy how we all see life differently and I wish most people won’t allow SM to ruin their happiness. For me, I reflect on my past and present.

“Where I was years back and where I am right now. It ain’t perfect yet cos nothing is ever perfect but I’m working towards getting the best for me. Life is more than living for social media. For me, it’s more than clubbing, partying, friendship, trying to update my success on SM and so on.”

“Life is beautiful and I want to live every bit of it happy with myself and making others happy. Always know that the best of You is yet to come and you must see it. Suicide ain’t never the option.”


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