“You’ve Done More Harm Than Good To Me,” BBN’s Phyna To Fans

BB Naija Level Up winner, Phyna, caused an online buzz after she broke down in tears in a viral video as she complained about fans, complaining about the excesses of BBNaija fans.

"You've Done More Harm Than Good To Me," BBN's Phyna To Fans

Phyna, BB Naija Level-up winner appears to be feeling the heat from becoming a celebrity going by her recent post.

The reality show winner was seen breaking down in tears as she complained about her mental health at stake. She also addressed BBNaija fans and noted that they have done more harm than good to her as she begged them to let her be.

According to her, she wants everybody out of her business and that even though she loves them, some of them have caused her more harm than good. She admitted that she had been going through a lot lately and said she would prefer it for all of them to stay away from her business because she doesn’t know if their aim is to send her into depression, but she will not be giving room for that.

She said: “I want everybody out of my business. I really love you guys but it seems you guys, or some of you, have caused more harm than good to me. I’m human, I am a woman, enough of the dragging. I have been going through a lot lately and I really wish everybody would just stay off my business and let me be. I don’t know if you guys want me to fall into depression or something but I am not giving room for that. I only won the show, I did not trade my soul.”

Moreso, Phyna said that all fan bases should leave her alone because she is not perfect. She asked them not to compare her to others so that people cannot talk her into falling into a depression that she never imagined she could fall into.

She also said: “As I am not used to this lifestyle, It is affecting me mentally, emotionally, It is affecting me, I can’t lie. You guys should just leave me alone already, wish I can give this win to your faves, I really don’t mind. Just stop talking about me already, allow me to be me. I can’t even focus to do anything.”

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