Real Life Version Of ‘Squid Game’ To Hold In Abu Dhabi This Week

Real Life Version Of 'Squid Game' To Hold In Abu Dhabi This Week
Squid Game real life version to hold in Abu Dhabi

The trending Netflix original series, “Squid Game” reportedly have a real-life version scheduled to hold in Abu Dhabi.

According to Insider, the United Arab Emirates’ Korean Cultural Center has organized the event, which will be happening on Tuesday, October 12th.

This rendition of Squid Game will see two teams of 15 people each face off against one another in four different games that were initially introduced when the series premiered on September 17th.

The heavily-memed “Red Light Green Light” is one of the most highly anticipated events, although players will also get to try their hand at “Dalgona Candy,” “Marbles,” and “Ddakji.”

If you haven’t yet seen the Korean show, the premise is simple – a group of 456 desperate individuals, all very strapped for cash with no other way out, agree to participate in a series of deathly challenges, modelled after popular children’s games, all in hopes of taking home the prized jackpot of $38 million.

Unfortunately for our Abu Dhabi players, they won’t be bringing home a massive paycheck if they win. However, they will receive a customized green tracksuit, and bragging rights, which is still pretty cool.

Since Squid Game premiered nearly a month ago it’s been generating major buzz. This series is currently holding onto the #1 spot on Netflix’s Naija’s daily Top 10 list, and we recently reported that the streamer is excited about the potential of a second season.

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