BBNaija: Phyna, Bella Fight Dirty Over Food [VIDEO]

Things went south with the housemates after Phyna tried to shut Bella up for rehashing Monday night's conversation about taking Chomzy and Eloswag's food.

Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates Bella and Phyna got into a heated argument over Chomzy’s food.

BBNaija: Phyna, Bella Fight Dirty Over Food [VIDEO]

Things went south with the housemates after Phyna tried to shut Bella up for rehashing Monday night’s conversation about taking Chomzy and Eloswag’s food.

The matter worsened after Bella said she is not surprised at Phyna’s attitude because she is from the street, a statement that was not taken likely by the latter.

Phyna replied with a question, “I wonder who raised you?” adding that the person did a poor job on her because she is so rude.

Sheggz took it personally, defending his lover, and decided to verbally attack Phyna, who would also not have any of it.

Adekunle also lept in defense of Phyna, telling Sheggz to stay out of it as Bella had no right to make the statement of her being from the street.

Moments after, the duo started throwing insults at each other, with Phyna threatening to beat up Bella.

You must be very stupid to think I will sit here and listen to you. You are a fool. I don’t have time for all this nonsense, If not for Big Brother’s rules you for don dey bleed. You are telling me I come from the streets, you that came from London you are dragging food with us,” Phyna could be heard saying.

“Who trained you, the person needs to start from begging. If not for Big Brother where will I ever see you? I am actually not Nigerian, I am not from here at all. You must be very stupid. Look at you threatening to beat me up who the hell are you? Bella fired back.

With things spiraling out of control, Sheggz was forced to intervene but Phyna lashed out at him, calling him a ‘woman wrapper. The comment led to more attacks from Bella who warned Pyhna not to speak to her boyfriend in such a manner.


As the tension in the house continues to fly high, food fights have become increasingly frequent further fueled by an apparent division in the house.

Last week, lovebirds Sheggz and Bella complained about a calculated plan by Phyna, Rachel, and others to starve them. The housemates continue to speculate that their fellow housemates despise them.

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