Cardi B’s Thrown Microphone Sells for Nearly $100,000 in Charity Auction

Mic Thrown by Cardi B in Viral Incident Auctioned for Nearly $100,000

Cardi B's Thrown Microphone Sells for Nearly $100,000 in Charity Auction
Cardi B Mic Throw: eBay Auction Ends with $100,000 Winning Bid

Las Vegas, NV – In a stunning turn of events, the microphone that was hurled by rapper Cardi B at an audience member during a performance in Las Vegas has been sold for a staggering sum of almost $100,000 on the popular online auction platform eBay.

The incident, which captured the attention of social media users worldwide, occurred at the end of July during Cardi B’s performance of her hit track “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. Videos depicting the rapper throwing the microphone in response to a woman splashing a drink on her quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and sparking intense discussions across various online platforms.

Local law enforcement officials initially launched an investigation into the incident, classifying it as a battery case. However, the investigation was later dropped, and no charges were filed after a comprehensive review of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The microphone, a pivotal prop in the now-infamous occurrence, has since become the subject of immense interest. Scott Fisher, the owner of The Wave Inc., an audio production company based in Las Vegas that had supplied sound equipment to the beach club for the event, put the microphone up for auction on eBay. Fisher revealed that the decision to auction the microphone was influenced by its notoriety, and he expressed his intention to donate the auction proceeds to two worthy causes – the Friendship Circle Las Vegas, benefiting teens and young adults with special needs, and the Wounded Warrior Project, supporting injured veterans.

In the eBay listing, Fisher provided details about the microphone’s authenticity, stating, “We provided more than one microphone for this particular show and verified with the in-house crew which one was specifically used by Cardi for the show. It was pretty easy to identify though as her mic was marked ‘main’. This is the mic that has been seen all over the country flying into the crowd after Cardi was splashed with some liquid. The mic still works as I tested it when it came back to the audio shop.”

Fisher also emphasized the significance of the auction in a later post, urging bidders to approach the sale with seriousness and respect for the charitable cause it supports. He wrote, “This very well may fall upon deaf ears but to any bidders: This is a serious auction and the money is going to a good cause. If you don’t plan on actually paying for the item please don’t bid. If you want a piece of hip hop infamy and what has now become national and world news then please bid whatever you are willing to spend.”

The eBay auction, which gained considerable attention from collectors, fans, and philanthropists alike, attracted over 120 bids and ultimately concluded with a jaw-dropping winning bid of $99,900 (approximately £78,400).

Speaking about the unexpected outcome of the auction, Fisher expressed his astonishment, saying, “I was hoping it would hit $5,000 but again I had no idea. I figured it would gain some attention nationally but the amount of news coverage has been staggering,” as reported by US news outlet CBS News.

As the microphone now changes hands and makes its way into the annals of music history, it serves as a tangible symbol of the intertwined worlds of music, culture, and philanthropy, leaving an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and the lives of those who stand to benefit from the charitable donations.

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