BBNaija’s Angel Opens Up On Birth Control Challenges

Angel Smith's Brave Revelation Sparks Debates on Men's Role in Birth Control and Reproductive Health

In a candid revelation on the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars,’ housemate Angel Smith has opened up about her experiences with injectable birth control and the adverse effects it had on her health.

BBNaija's Angel Opens Up On Birth Control Challenges

The disclosure came during a heart-to-heart conversation with fellow housemate Uriel and other contestants. Angel disclosed that she had been using injectable birth control as a method of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

However, she had to discontinue its usage due to the severe impacts it had on her physical and mental well-being. The side effects, including depression and anxiety, took a toll on her, prompting her to seek alternative contraceptive methods.

During the discussion, the outspoken housemate expressed her viewpoint that men should shoulder more responsibility when it comes to birth control. She argued that men, given their potential to impregnate multiple women in a short span of time, should take a more proactive role in contraception.

Angel’s suggestion stirred a lively debate among the housemates, with various opinions and perspectives being shared. Some housemates agreed with her stance, emphasizing that it’s essential for men to be actively involved in family planning and take preventive measures. Click here to her Angel speak

The conversation has since sparked discussions both inside and outside the BBNaija house, igniting a larger societal discourse on gender roles, reproductive health, and the need for equal responsibility in matters of contraception.

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