Lepacious Bose Recounts How 1-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused In Lagos School [VIDEO]

The comedian shared a story of how a 13 month old baby was raped in a school in lagos state.

Popular Nigerian cum lifestyle coach,  has shared a story of a little baby who was molested in a school located in Lagos State.

Lepacious Bose Recounts How 1-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused In Lagos School [VIDEO]

According to Bose, the ugly incident happened at Lohims Academy Ojota, Lagos.

“A 13 months old baby abused in school
….in school ooo! This defilement thing is getting crazier by the day! Pls see full video on @auntlanda page, am not livid to think straight!

Case of Princess, a 13-months-old baby girl who was defiled in school, Lohims Academy Ojota, Lagos.

As reported by Princess’ mother, Mrs. Mary, Princess came back from school, Lohims Academy Ojota, on Monday, July 4, 2022, with bruises, swellings, blood stains and whitish deposits around her vagina and thigh.

On Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Princess was taken to Oregun Primary Health Centre, who examined Princess and confirmed that she has been defiled and her hymen was not intact. However, when they had the name of the school, Lohims Academy Ojota, where the incident took place, they flipped, claiming that Princess just has diaper rash, that it was nothing. However, they referred them to Ojodu Primary Health Center, claiming that there is an agency there that handles defilement.

On getting to Ojodu Primary Health Centre, they were told that no such agency exists there. The doctor examined and confirmed that Princess has been defiled, having a broken hymen. A second doctor was called, who examined and confirmed also that Princess was defiled. Again, upon hearing the name of the school, Lohims Academy Ojota, where this crime took place, they changed their narrative, claiming that Princess just had diaper rashes, that it’s nothing.

However, when Princess’ parents challenged the doctors at Ojodu Primary Health Centre, they were given Laboratory Request Paper to run some tests in their laboratory. The laboratory official requested for payment for the tests but Princess’parents made them to understand that the doctor already told them that the do not need to pay. Only RVS test was conducted on Princess, they claimed that they do not have Rape Kit available, and gave them some supplements, antibiotics, and HIV-prevention medications for Princess.

Today, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Princess was taken to Police Hospital Falomo, Lagos, where it was yet confirmed that Princess was defiled. But because the incident was more than 48 hours old, the sperm evidence were no longer available.”

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