‘I Seeked Diabolical Revenge On My Girlfriend ‘Cause She Deceived Me’

'I Seeked Diabolical Revenge On My Girlfriend 'Cause She Deceived Me'
‘I Seeked Diabolical Revenge On My Girlfriend ‘Cause She Deceived Me’

A young man has come out to give reasons why he decided to go diabolical of his girlfriend. According to him, she deceived him for so long and that is the least he could do to get his revenge.

Read his narration below:

It really not my style of life. This lady has made me spend money on her too much only for me to discover she is brea$tfeeding another guy with my money. I have seen her for what she is now and it’s affecting my work, i feel useless and i find it difficult to sleep.

She knew from the on set that my intention for her was marriage. She knew i wasn’t strong enough to manage another heart break after my previous one and yet she played me for a sucker. Very obvious she never loved me and was there to destroy me. After all i have done for her, now i am finding it hard to concentrate and to do what i do to make money…

I know it’s part of life but i have decided never again would a girl play me for a fool. I decided this after several attempted suicide when my ex girlfriend left. The funny part is, their reason for cheating is not justified, they only come and push other ladies away and even made me draw myself from my major female friends.

So, after the thinking i thought to myself, i would be a monkey cousin if i allow this girl play me for a sucker, an idea popped up. What if i use love charm on her ?

Obviously i haven’t done it before so it kind of not my thing because i know there is a fu*cking repercussion, but i am ready for whatever repercussion later than to face this now, this is not a case of a simp, not at all, this is a regular guy that is always falling in love with the wrong ladies…

Heartbreak hurts, suicidal thoughts keep coming in and i have decided to do this….

Don’t judge me, i am hurt and i am only taking this measure due to my emotional emptiness and betrayal

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