Gospel Music Was Not Financially Rewarding – Simi


Gospel Music Was Not Financially Rewarding - Simi

Fast rising singer, , recently sat down for an interview with PUNCH where she talked about her music amongst several other topics.

The delectable singer, who recently dropped anew song, ‘Live Your Dream‘ featuring D-Truce, talked about her entry into the music industry and why she decided to switch from gospel to mainstream music.

According to Simi, wasn’t making her the kind of money she wanted.

Read excerpts from her interview:

You began your career as a gospel act. Why did you go mainstream?

The first thing that comes to the mind is that I did it for monetary reasons. However music became about ‘more’; I wanted to have a broader purview. It was a tough decision for me to make at first. I wanted to explore music more. My faith in God hasn’t waivered because before I went mainstream, I prayed to God to bless my career if it was his plan for me. I also don’t see myself doing again.

What has fame cost you?

I don’t go out much but I love to go to regular places. I can’t do so any longer and I miss having a regular life because I am a regular girl.

Are you currently dating anyone?

I am in a relationship with someone else who is not Falzthebahdguy; we are just friends. My man is mature and understands the fact that I may be erroneously romantically linked with an artiste simply because we work on music projects together.

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