“I Can’t Believe You’re A Small Boy” – Bingham University VC Astonished Upon Meeting Ruger [VIDEO]

Viral Video of Ruger's Unexpected Encounter with Vice Chancellor at Bingham University Leaves Internet Abuzz

Popular Nigerian singer Michael Olayinka, popularly known by his stage name Ruger, recently paid a courtesy visit to Bingham University in Karu, Nasarawa State.

"I Can’t Believe You’re A Small Boy” – Bingham University VC Astonished Upon Meeting Ruger [VIDEO]

In a surprising twist, the meeting with the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Professor William Barnabas Qurix resulted in an unexpected encounter.

Accompanied by his entourage, the young artist’s visit took an unexpected turn when Professor Qurix expressed his astonishment at Ruger’s physical appearance. Having previously seen the musician on television, the Vice Chancellor had envisioned him to be a larger-than-life figure.

However, upon meeting Ruger in person, Professor Qurix was taken aback by the singer’s relatively small stature.

The encounter took an amusing twist, resulting in a moment of genuine surprise that captured the attention of the public.

The viral video documenting their interaction showcases the memorable moment of astonishment on Professor Qurix’s face. In the footage, the Vice Chancellor warmly welcomes Ruger with a handshake while expressing his disbelief at the singer’s smaller frame.

The Vice-Chancellor is heard exclaiming, “I can’t believe this; I can’t believe you are a small boy. Welcome, I thought he was going to be one mighty man.”

It is evident from the video that Professor Qurix was caught off guard by the singer’s physical appearance, highlighting the disparity between the larger-than-life persona projected on the screen and Ruger’s actual stature.

Ruger’s visit to Bingham University has sparked discussions and garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with fans and followers sharing their amusement and surprise at the unexpected encounter and Ruger’s reason for the visit.

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