How I Told My Fans To ‘Destroy’ Club – Davido

Controversy Ensues as Davido Rallies Fans to Confront American Club's Discrimination

Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, recently shared an intriguing incident where he employed the power of his devoted fans to address a discriminatory experience he faced at an American club.

How I Told My Fans To 'Destroy' Club - Davido

During an exclusive interview with Real 92.3 FM in Atlanta, Davido recounted the details of this incident, shedding light on his resourcefulness and the overwhelming influence he wields over his fan base.

Davido vividly described the encounter, highlighting the excessive security measures employed by the club in question.

Frustrated by the situation, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He recounted saying, “You are doing too much. Are we going in or are we not going in?”

Fueled by determination and equipped with a plan, the music star boldly left the premises, leaving the club staff and security bewildered.

Subsequently, Davido instructed his dedicated fans to take action. He encouraged them to converge on the social media page of the club and unleash a torrent of criticism. In his own words, he commanded his supporters, saying, “Oya, go to that page of that club, destroy that…”

Remarkably, the repercussions of Davido’s fan-driven initiative became apparent the very next day. The club, perhaps realizing the immense influence and following that the music superstar commanded, promptly changed its tune.

Eager to rectify their initial misjudgment, the establishment extended an olive branch to Davido.

To express their remorse and make amends, the American club not only hosted the illustrious musician but also showered him with hospitality.

He was graciously provided with delectable meals and a wide array of refreshing beverages, signaling a remarkable turnaround from the previous night’s ordeal.

Watch Davido speak below:

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