How Drake Contributed To Global Popularity Of Afrobeats – Davido

Nigerian superstar and Afrobeat sensation, Davido, recently shared his thoughts on the remarkable rise of Afrobeats on the global stage.

How Drake Contributed To Global Popularity Of Afrobeats - Davido
Davido and Drake

He gave credit to Canadian singer Drake for his instrumental role in amplifying the genre’s popularity.

During a candid conversation on the renowned Bootleg Kev podcast, Davido expressed his admiration for Drake while acknowledging the pre-existing significance of Afrobeats.

In response to a question about the influence of Drake on the genre, Davido candidly stated, “There’s always narratives like saying Afrobeats was definitely huge.

“It was already huge before Drake. Drake is Drake. But I will be lying if I am saying he didn’t put some spotlights on Afrobeats.”

With his undeniable global influence and chart-topping hits, Drake’s collaborations with African artists and incorporation of Afrobeats elements into his music have undoubtedly played a role in the genre’s widespread recognition.

Davido’s acknowledgment of this influence reinforces the idea that Drake’s involvement has served to shine a spotlight on Afrobeats, propelling it further onto the global music stage.

Afrobeats, a genre characterized by its vibrant fusion of traditional African rhythms, high-energy beats, and infectious melodies, has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity in recent years.

The genre’s infectious sound and uplifting vibes have captivated audiences across the globe, leading to collaborations between African artists and international superstars.

Davido’s own success as an Afrobeat artist has solidified his status as one of the genre’s foremost figures. With a string of chart-topping hits, sold-out shows, and a massive following, he has played a significant role in shaping the global perception of Afrobeats.

His words regarding Drake’s contribution serve as a testament to the collaborative nature of the music industry and the power of cross-cultural partnerships in propelling genres to new heights.

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