Actress Adunni Ade Called Out For Owing Murphy Afolabi N250,000

Adunni Ade faces public scrutiny as Murphy Afolabi's burial committee demands repayment of N250,000 debt

In a surprising turn of events, popular Nollywood actress Adunni Ade finds herself embroiled in a public controversy, as she faces accusations of owing a significant debt to the late actor Murphy Afolabi.

Actress Adunni Ade Called Out For Owing Murphy Afolabi N250,000
Adunni Ade and Murphy Afolabi

The allegations surfaced during the 8-day Fidau Prayer organized in honor of Afolabi, where the actor’s burial committee took the opportunity to publicly call out Ade for her outstanding financial obligations.

According to the committee, Adunni Ade is alleged to owe the late Murphy Afolabi a substantial sum of N250,000. The committee, responsible for organizing Afolabi’s final rites, seized the solemn occasion to address the matter, imploring Ade to settle her debt and return the money she owed to the late actor.

The revelation has sparked widespread attention and raised eyebrows within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Adunni Ade, known for her remarkable performances on the big screen, is now under scrutiny regarding her financial dealings with her deceased colleague. This incident has added another layer of complexity and intrigue to the already emotional atmosphere surrounding Afolabi’s untimely demise.

Members of the burial committee publicly called out the actress, making their plea for repayment loud and clear. In a solemn and poignant moment, a representative of the committee took to the microphone during the Fidau Prayer to address Adunni Ade directly: “Adunni Ade, please honor your commitment and promptly return the N250,000 that you owe the late Murphy Afolabi.”

As news of these allegations spread, fans and industry insiders alike have been left pondering the circumstances surrounding the debt and the nature of the financial transaction between the two actors.

Adunni Ade has yet to respond to the claims made against her, leaving the public in suspense as they await her official statement or clarification regarding the matter.

Talkglitz. Media will continue to monitor this developing story closely and provide updates as further details emerge.

The public remains eager to hear Adunni Ade’s response and witness the resolution of this unsettling financial dispute, which has unexpectedly intertwined with the already somber atmosphere surrounding the passing of the talented Murphy Afolabi.

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