Jackass Star Suffers Skateboard Horror Crash

Popular American skateboarder and stuntman Brandon ”Bam” Margera yesterday suffered an accident involving him and his skateboard. The famed filmmaker attested he was trying a particular skateboard trick he hadn’t done in over a year when the horrific accident occurred.

Jackass Star Suffers Skateboard Horror Crash
Bam Margera

Margera was across a certain skatepark when he was having a meeting and during the break, he decided to take his skateboard to have a run. He then tried out a skill he had not practiced in more than a year and it did not end well for the celebrity.

Bam fell awkwardly and this resulted in one of his arms, bending backward and his bones almost jutting out of his skin. The accident was considered very serious but he is doing very well and is recuperating well too.

However, Margera will not be taking painkillers or similar pills as the stuntman is maintaining a rehabilitation process that is aimed at keeping him away from the use of drugs and disengaging from drug abuse, overdose, and similar drug-related problems. He is currently undergoing a one-year rehab process and he doesn’t intend to break away from the therapy.

Doctors believe he will heal up but probably not at the speed at which he will need to get back to skateboarding. It is fair to say he won’t be engaging in any sporting activities for the next couple of months pending his recovery from the multiple injuries he sustained yesterday after a failed stunt attempt.

Stunt fails are common among stuntmen and Margera has been in this situation but he will not change his mind about using pain-relievers as he intends to mend gradually, no matter how long it takes. Margera has received support from friends, family, and other celebrities regarding his injury and he has also been sent heartwarming messages from many celebrities and fans alike.

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