BBTitan Yvonne Reveals She Was Expelled From University

Big Brother Titans star Yvonne Godswill has revealed that she was expelled from the university in her third year due to her association with a bad company of friends.

BBTitan Yvonne Reveals She Was Expelled From University

In an interview with media personality, Hero Daniels, Yvonne disclosed that she had to rewrite the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and apply for another university to start all over again after her expulsion.

According to her, her parents were disappointed with her after the incident, and her mother even took her to church for deliverance because she thought she was possessed.

“I was involved in a fight. It was a messy situation. And I was in my third year. Not like it was an academic issue, so you can imagine that kind of clumsy stupid thing that will get you kicked out of school.

“My mom was so mad at me. She just like ‘You’ve joined a bad gang.’ It was crazy! I did deliverance [in the church] because she thought something was wrong with me,” she said.

Yvonne further revealed that her father was the only one who understood her situation and asked about her plans. She expressed her desire to go back to school and her father agreed, after which she had to rewrite the JAMB since she was rusticated.

However, when she got admitted into another university, she found out that her coursemates at her former school had already graduated.

She was sad, and depressed, and found it hard to bond with her new classmates as she felt like the “mama of the class” due to her age difference of three to four years.

Despite her setback, Yvonne said she wanted to experience school life and did not consider buying a certificate.

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