‘Why I Believe In Him’ – Actress Efe Irele Endores Desmond Elliott

actress Efe Irele has publicly shown her support for her senior colleague Desmond Elliott, who is running for a third term as a lawmaker for Lagos State House of Assembly, Surulere.

'Why I Believe In Him' - Actress Efe Irele Endores Desmond Elliott

In a recent post on her Instagram page, Efe expressed her confidence in Desmond’s ability to continue to serve his constituency with dedication and excellence.

Contrary to popular belief that Efe’s endorsement of Desmond is based solely on their personal relationship, the actress made it clear that she is rooting for him because of his excellent track record as an individual and as a lawmaker.

The actress commended Desmond for his unwavering commitment to the development of the creative industry in Lagos, as she herself is a beneficiary of his support and encouragement.

Efe also highlighted some of the initiatives that Desmond has undertaken to better the lives of the people of Surulere.

She praised the lawmaker for providing free shuttle buses to students in the area, which has made commuting to and from school more accessible and affordable.

Additionally, Efe noted that Desmond’s efforts in providing free healthcare and insurance for residents in Surulere have positively impacted the lives of over a thousand people.

“I believe in @desmondelliot not because I know him but because I have seen what he has done as an individual and as a lawmaker. I have seen how he encouraged and supported young Lagosians (including me) in the creative industry.

I have seen him provide free shuttle buses for students in Surulere. I personally know up to 15 out of the 1,000 people he provided free health care and insurance for.

Forget PR and social media management, Desmond Elliot is a good representative and I will be supporting and voting for him on Saturday.

I am with you my big brother and friend”, Efe said.

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