Police in Ogun State Vow to Arrest Portable Using Minimum Force

Police in Ogun State Vow to Arrest Portable Using Minimum Force

The Ogun State Police Command has stated that it will utilize the minimum force necessary to arrest the controversial singer, Habeeb Okikiola, who is widely known as Portable. This follows an incident in which Portable resisted arrest by police officers who had invaded his bar in Ogun State, as shown in a viral video on social media.

In the video, Portable can be seen accusing the police of an illegal arrest, despite being informed that there was a petition against him. He demanded to see the arrest warrant and questioned the motives of the police officers. He also claimed that a yahoo boy (a slang term for an internet fraudster) had sent the police to arrest him simply because he had advised the yahoo boy to stop his illicit activities and pursue a career in music instead.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the State Police Spokesperson, responded to the incident, stating

that the singer had refused invitations from the police on five occasions. Oyeyemi explained that Portable was not above the law and that the police would use the minimum amount of force necessary to arrest him.

Oyeyemi revealed that the police had invited Portable twice through his father for questioning after a report was lodged against him. However, Portable refused to comply with the invitation, prompting the police to seek an arrest warrant. When the police officers arrived to execute the warrant, Portable stripped naked in a bid to attract attention and create a scene.

In conclusion, the Ogun State Police Command has stated that Portable will be arrested using the minimum force necessary to ensure compliance with the law. The police had previously invited him for questioning on multiple occasions, but he had refused to comply. The police remain determined to ensure that justice is served, regardless of Portable’s status as a musician.

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