Our Relationship Is Clout – Boyfriend Of James Brown’s Sister Denies Rape Allegations

Believe, the boyfriend of James Brown’s sister has denied allegations of rape against him while claiming that his relationship with Gracious Brown was solely based on clout.

Our Relationship Is Clout - Boyfriend Of James Brown's Sister Denies Rape Allegations

This follows Gracious Brown’s accusations of physical abuse after Believe allegedly attempted to rape her friend.

In a recent development, Believe refuted the rape allegations, stating that they were entirely false.

He explained that he paid Gracious to be his girlfriend for the purpose of promoting his music and increasing his social media following.

According to Believe, the relationship was purely for publicity and not based on any genuine romantic interest.

Believe went on to explain the events that transpired on the day of the incident, claiming that Gracious Brown was under the influence of drugs and was the aggressor in the situation.

He claimed that when he refused to have sex with her, she pulled out a knife and inflicted injury on herself. Believe also alleged that Gracious Brown’s friend joined in the attack on him.

During an Instagram live session, Believe stated, “Gracious Brown, I can’t date you. You are not my type, and you are the one forcing yourself on me.

Our relationship is fake, and it’s for clout. I paid you and your brother James Brown money, but he still owes me money.

Gracious smokes, she was high, and wanted to sleep with me, but I turned her down because I don’t find her attractive. She then carried a knife, so I acted in self-defense.”

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