Mercy Johnson Shares Her Biggest Fear About Her kids

Mercy Johnson Shares Her Biggest Fear About Her kids

During the latest episode of Mercy Johnson‘s show, Mercy’s Menu, the mother of four struck up a conversation with Shaffy Bello who was a guest on her show.

The conversation between the two women navigated from motherhood to acting. During the discussions, Shaffy Bello opened up on the difficulty of leaving her children to come and pursue an acting career in Nollywood.

Her revelation made Mercy Johnson reveal her biggest fear about her kids.

Mercy Johnson said;

“Hmm. So I saw this quote online, let me start from there. The quote said “Overprotective moms are like girls who grew up without being protected” and that meant something.

So one of my biggest fears would be my kids going through what I went through. That emptiness and that no sense of direction. So like I always say, my life is like a scale of preference and they come first before every other thing.

“Cause as a child, I suffered so much and I remember crying with nobody to clean my eyes. I can define hunger because I know it. I can define abuse so it is a feeling I don’t want any child, not the one that came from me, to go through. So they always say “oh Mercy you’re so awesome awesome awesome”, my past is the reason why I am very protective of my kids basically.”

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