BNXN Slams Those Criticizing Ex-Girlfriend, Peggy

Nigerian singer, Daniel Benson, popularly known as BNXN, has defended his ex-girlfriend, from those who have been criticizing her online.

BNXN Slams Those Criticizing Ex-Girlfriend, Peggy recently spoke out against those who have been prying into their relationship and asking why they broke up. She stated that not all women behave like that and that treated her well and she loved him deeply.

In response, took to Snapchat to call out those who have been criticizing Peggy, calling them foolish and lacking intelligence. He emphasized that is financially secure and independent, which makes her superior to those who rely on men or engage in questionable behavior for money.

He wrote, “I really hate it when some of these Lagos babes speak on Peggy. Like helloooo? Shoe get size o, are you dumb or retarded? Does that look like your mate?

What you will beg, lick, suck and fu*k for she will get with grace for free no sweat. Like some that has hers and more? Even without me she could afford you. Lol she was never in your class before.”

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