Yvonne Jegede Explains Why Women Tolerate Cheating In Marriage

Yvonne Jegede Explains Why Women Tolerate Cheating In Marriage

actress has made headlines by claiming that women are more forgiving of infidelity than men are.

On his TVC show, Jegede made this remark while discussing cheating spouses.

She claimed that women had “larger hearts” and “motherly instincts” and hence are more tolerant of infidelity than males.

“My own take on this issue of cheating is that I think why men don’t tolerate women cheating is that they don’t have a big heart,” the actress said.

“Women have bigger hearts, we can tolerate, we can forgive even with our day-to-day people we come across and stuff like that.

“Women are nurturers, so motherly instincts a lot of times help us contain some certain situations that we find ourselves in. So for men that can’t take it like you said if you find out and it’s a secret then you guys can manage it.

Jegede said she never thought that way about guys before getting to know them, but now she does.

“There are cases when it comes out like that. First of all, men are like children, they’ve said that thing a thousand times. I never used to believe it so much until I entered into it and I got a lot older.

“Then I see some people I probably have a relationship with and I go home and I’m like, ‘what’s The former difference?’

“I think they really don’t grow. I see my son throw tantrums and I’m like, ‘this is the same thing this man just did.”

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