“Yes! I Be Gorilla…”; Burna Boy Pulls Up In The Real ‘Gorilla’ Form [VIDEO]

"Yes! I Be Gorilla..."; Burna Boy Pulls Up In The Real 'Gorilla' Form [VIDEO]
Burna Boy in gorilla costume

Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu, known professionally as Burna Boy, recently trended online after a video of him dressed as a gorilla went viral. The video shows Burna chasing after popular skit maker MC Mbakara, who has previously called out the singer on multiple occasions.

It appears that Burna was trying to make a point with his gorilla costume. He did not physically assault anyone in the video, but he certainly scared everyone in MC Mbakara’s house, as they were seen running in all directions.

Burna Boy is known for referencing gorillas in his lyrics, particularly the line “I be gorilla, but you cannot lock me in the zoo.” He has incorporated the primate imagery in his music, and it’s a recurring theme for him.

It’s unclear exactly what the singer’s intentions were with this video, but it’s likely that he was trying to convey a message through the use of the gorilla costume. Nevertheless, the viral video has generated a lot of buzz around the singer and his music.

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