Why Changing Leaders Will Not Solve Nigeria Problems – OAP Nedu

Media Personality, Nedu has issued a message to Nigerians who believe that the next president will bring about a miracle.

Why Changing Leaders Will Not Solve Nigeria Problems - OAP NeduIn his Instagram story, Nedu shared his thoughts on what will continue to occur in the country if individuals hold this expectation.

He emphasized that even if the president is changed numerous times, thNEDe country will remain stagnant unless the root problems in the system are addressed.

According to him, we can change presidents 100 times, but if the underlying issues in the system are not resolved, Nigeria will remain stuck in its backward state.

He wrote, “If we like make we change president 100 times, if the system is not fixed…we will remain a retrogressive country that we have been…always wishing the last president came back”

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