Throwback Video Of Davido’s Failed Attempt At Touring With Wizkid

In a throwback interview video making its way around the internet, Davido can be seen discussing his attempts to put an end to the beef between him and Wizkid.

Throwback Video Of Davido's Failed Attempt At Touring With Wizkid


Talk Glitz reported that Wizkid announced on January 18th, 2022, that after his album, MLEE tour, he is going to embark on a tour with Davido.

The old video resurfaced online after Wizkid announced he will be going on a tour with Davido. Wizkid wrote, “After MLLE tour!! Davido nd I going on tour ! Save your coins! I no one hear pim!!”

However, the old video shows Davido saying that he had tried to make an album and go on tour with Wizkid, but that these efforts had not been successful.

In the interview, Davido stated that he had spoken with Wizkid about the possibility of a collaboration and had even planned a meeting between their respective teams to try and resolve any issues that may have been causing tension between them. However, these plans ultimately fell through and the collaboration never came to fruition.

In Davido’s words, he said, “I have tried to do an album with wizkid, I have tried to tour with Wizkid, like we spoke about it, last Afronation, starboy and 30bg were meant to have general meeting and solve every problem as far as possible it didn’t happen, we meant to do album, tour.”

Despite this, however, fans are now excitedly anticipating the upcoming tour between the two musicians, with many speculating that the long-standing beef between Davido and Wizkid may finally be coming to an end.

Davido has also liked a post related to Wizkid’s announcement, further fueling speculation that the two have put their differences behind them.

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