Davido Pays Chioma’s Bride price In Imo State

Singer Davido has finally paid Chioma’s bride price in full at Ezeala Odu, Imo state.

Davido Pays Chioma's Bride price In Imo StateThe second phase of an Igbo wedding is the Umunna rites which is a meeting between the groom’s family and the bride’s extended family.


He has paid in full to Umunna group in Owerre, Nkworji Ezeala ofu Nkwerre Local government area in Imo State.

Photos from Chioma’s bride price payment have surfaced online as her father could be seen performing the Umunna rites and umuada rites.

Her father was seen taking charge of things at the meeting as yams, drinks, and other items were presented.

The meeting is important because the groom’s people have to restate their interest in marrying from the bride-to-be family, in the presence of her Umunna, direct and extended family, with family elders.

Once consent has been secured, dates for the traditional wedding will be set and the bride price list will be sent out. The groom takes a few gifts such as kola nuts, palm wine, beer, soft drinks, tobacco, snuff and a goat which will be shared between the groom and bride’s family.


Davido Pays Chioma's Bride price In Imo State

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