Burna Boy Responds To Mother’s Attempt To Surprise Her Daughter On Birthday (VIDEO)

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has made a fan’s birthday, a 12-year-old girl. He gave her hug, wished her a happy birthday, and blessed her with money.

Burna Boy Responds To Mother's Attempt To Surprise Her Daughter On Birthday (VIDEO)

The mum had taken her child out to celebrate her birthday, on sighting Burna Boy, she quickly approached the singer and stopped him, telling Burna Boy that her daughter is his biggest fan, adding that she also clocked a new age.

The clip captured the moment the mum called out to Burna Boy as he passed by and mentioned that her daughter is his biggest fan. Upon hearing the words, Burna who was with his bodyguards stopped and paid more attention to the mum

She proceeded to mention that her daughter just clocked 12 and she loves everything about Burna and even wanted to attend one of his shows but he said he wouldn’t let her go. He shared a warm embrace with the celebrant and waited for moments to be captured on camera.

However, the celebrant in an excited mood shared the money with the restaurant attendants. That was so lovely.


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