BBTitans: Sandra, Olivia Fight Dirty [VIDEO]

show recently saw its first altercation in the house, with Sandra and Olivia engaging in a heated argument.

BBTitans: Sandra, Olivia Fight Dirty [VIDEO]The altercation began started on Sunday night after Biggie paired each of the 24 housemates with the opposite gender, and instilled fear in the house, with a joint consequence for paired parties.

Biggie said each pair will play a game with their partners. He added that whoever gets a strike would be evicted or get disqualified, with the outcome also affecting their partner.

Juicy Jay was paired with Olivia, while Sandra was paired with Theo, which made Sandra uneasy. However, Olivia’s persistent laughter triggered an argument, which escalated into a full-blown fight where the two almost came to blows.

Sandra, who appeared unhappy with the outcome of her pairing, had noticed Olivia was laughing at her and warned her to stop.

Miracle advised Sandra to be mindful of her actions and the impact they have on her partner, Theo. He reminded her that whatever she does reflects on him and urged her to not ruin his dreams for the sake of one moment.

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