2023: Toyin Abraham Speaks On potential Support For Tinubu

In a recent interview on the television talk show, stated that although she has not formally announced her choice of candidate for the upcoming election.

2023: Toyin Abraham Speaks On potential Support For TinubuShe stated that “I’ll vote for because I love him.” The APC presidential candidate has been described as “a wonderful man to my people” by the award-winning actress, who also mentioned that Tinubu has been there for people even when they had nothing.

Toyin also stated that she will not let people use her gender as a reason for her support and that she will support anyone who supports everybody, someone competent.

The filmmaker also discussed her recently released film ‘Ijakumo’, stating that the storyline originated from a dream she had. She went on to say that a lot of dreams are relatable, but that there is a difference between dreams and reality, saying that there are things you’ll add and remove.

Listen to the show:

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