Married At First Sight: Who Is Tamara Djordjevic? (Here Is All We Know)


Married At First Sight is back and we couldn’t be more excited: cue drama.

The MAFS 2022 contestants are a pretty spicy bunch: a Texan groom, a pro-wrestler and a bride open to “stealing another groom”.

But there’s one person in particular that has caught the attention of viewers.

Married At First Sight: Who Is Tamara Djordjevic? (Here Is All We Know)
Tamara Djordjevic

Tamara Djordjevic has most definitely lived up to her self-described “alpha personality” so far.

With this in mind, let’s unpack who exactly is Tamara from MAFS: Here’s what we know.

Who is Tamara Djordjevic?

Tamara is 29 and an operations manager from Queensland.

She is a self-described “alpha” who is “confident, sassy and outspoken, and will tell anyone what she thinks of them”.

And if we read between the lines, we all know what that means: *bring your popcorn*.

In a piece to camera, Tamara said: “I love being the boss. It’s just naturally me. I judge everyone. I just meet people and I form an opinion.”

We even saw Tamara having a heart-to-heart with her bridesmaid in the car before her wedding ceremony saying: “It’s hard for me not to judge but I’ll try.”

With the bride’s wedding set to air this week, Channel Nine have been rolling out adverts which tease a bumpy ride for Tamara and her groom.

‘I judge everyone. I just meet people and form an opinion. I am extremely fussy. I know what I want and what I deserve,’ Tamara sneers in one promo clip.

Tamara then appears to be immediately disappointed by her ‘husband’.

‘He does seem like an average kind of guy. Average just isn’t for me. I’m not average. I don’t do average,’ she whinges to producers after meeting her husband at the altar.

While Tamara is honest – if not blunt – about what she wants, she maintains she’s down to earth and hopes that viewers will see that side of her.

‘I don’t believe I’m a villain,’ she told the publication, noting it’ll be hard for her not to judge meeting, or in this case marrying, someone at first sight.

Tamara went on to say that she feels that she has much more to offer than what has been shown of her so far in the trailers.

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