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Empire Season 4 Episode 9 – Slave To Memory [Fall Finale]

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We’ve come to the fall finale of your favourite TV series, Empire and it leaves us with yet another bigger suspense. In episode 9 – Slave To Memory, apparently turned out to be the biggest victim of the DuBois plot against the Lyons. His mental illness has worsened and he’s on a 50-50 chance of having a brain damage.

It’s clapback time for the Lyons and we never foresee how it would turn out to be. When Lucious said he was back, we really didn’t take him seriously but this episode actually proves to us the beast is back. Plotting their way into the DuBois party, Warren aided them with information as regards the security and Angelo was the bait in getting into the security beefed-up party. Lucious made him sign a statement attesting his mom’s involvement in baby Bella’s kidnap and several other atrocities.

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Scheming his way with music, Lucious and Cookie, took over the dancefloor of ’s party with the later look stupefied. The Lyons boys also mounted the stage to give a provoking performance. They practically choked Diana out of her mind. And the horrible moment came for the Diana DuBois when Warren attested to all her atrocities in a live broadcast.

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The Lyons practically gave the last straw to the DuBois; as Diana is being rounded up by the cops, Angelo got himself shot in a gun collision with Jamal and Warren.

Empire throws us at another suspense-filled ending when Claudia suddenly reappears only to kidnap Lucious. Could it be in her own accord or still working for Diana DuBois? Lucious in obviously in another life-threatening situation but Claudia might really want to go soft on him. We await the return of Empire.

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