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Eminem – Venom (Music From The Motion Picture)

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For some reasons, decided to enlist “Venom” official soundtrack on his album as an outro. Taking a switch away from the disses, Slimshaddy blesses fans with a cut from the Sony’s latest dive into the Spider-Man universe.

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Putting on the attitude typical of a Marvel’s anti-hero, the rhyming “in em (venom)” makes a rolling sound with the tongue like Venom’s tongue sticking out.

Quotable Lyrics:

Screw it, to hell with it, I went through hell with accelerants
And blew up my-my-myself again
Volkswagen, tailspin, bucket matches my pale skin
Medal win, went from Hellmann’s and being rail thin
Filet-o-Fish, to Scribble Jam and Rap Olympics ’97 Freaknik
How can I be down? Me and Bizarre in Florida
Proof’s room slept on floor of the motel then
Dr. Dre said “hell yeah!”
And I got his stamp like a postcard, word to Mel-Man

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DOWNLOAD MP3 Eminem Venom (Music From The Motion Picture)


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