Nigerian Men Have Failed Nigerian Women


— Men claim (or are/depending on what side of the argument you are on) stronger, smarter, inherently intelligent than the women hence that means more responsibility is on the men to lead, as all the qualities listed above are what you expect from a leader at a bare minimum.

— Every recorded civilization right from the beginning (depending on either the religious or scientific origins) has always being built majorly by men. It is a constant throughout history and I hope no one is arguing that.

— Hence, it can be inferred that if all the praise and success attached with building a functioning and sustaining civilization goes to the men, the same men should be held accountable for places where civilization failed (yes, I know I am oversimplifying but you get the point).

Nigerian Men Have Failed Nigerian Women
A Nigerian social gathering

Now I won’t even try to engage any woman in this conversation because if I am a man, who claims to be the head and the superior gender, I am not trying to reason with a woman; I am superior. I let her do as I please. When she thinks she’s arguing with me, it’s basically me letting her talk. When she thinks she advancing at a rapid rate, it is simply me stepping back and letting her bask in the spotlight. Lol. Women supporting this post really don’t see the undercurrent of misogyny their third-wave feminism is barely trying to contend with.
Now, back to the example, he made concerning prostitution. Let me see if I can elaborate on it further.

Prostitution is as old as time. It has been here before us and it would be here far after we are all gone. The question is why is it in even successful first world countries; it is still rampant. Ladies and gentle, I present to you the economics of demand and supply. It is really not a matter of morality. It is just a matter of market economics. Demand determines the market and as long as there are men who are willing to pay for the service, there would always be women who are ready to offer it. It is really that simple. That is why at the end of the day, the responsibility still falls on men.

Now there is this misconception that women are the custodians of sex and all that. That cannot be farther from the truth. Men are the custodians of sex. On an average, I’ll take my chances and say that at least most men can sleep with 80% of the world’s women if they wanted to (with or without consent) because we are the stronger sex (for the number crunchers who are going to ask me for statistical proof, you are getting no response from me). The keyword being if.

Women seem to forget, that they can go around and do as they please is because some men have banded together and deem it a crime to abuse and harass them for their pleasure. Not because of their intelligence, smartness or strength. If all rules were to be broken and we descended into anarchy, it is the women that would suffer the most. Go to IDP camps and see what women are going through in a microcosm of a pseudo-lawless environment to survive. Men can do as they please if they want to. I know this sounds uncomfortable, but we need to get our heads out of this fantasy land where we think the world is fair and all men and women are equal. It is the delusion that has seeped into society and is threatening to destroy the very fabric of our civilization. The west for those who are informed can tell are already on that path.

I can argue the merits and demerits of third-wave feminism in another thread but the end would always be a lose-lose situation for both men and women. How many women can single-handedly pin down an average man and force him to have sex with her? I mean, the OG man that experienced the first recorded case of attempted rape was able to escape conveniently. (I am talking about Joseph in the bible). It does not take a rocket scientist to know that number would be in the sub 40% percentile of the world’s female population.

My point is, when you think about it critically, while you might not entirely agree with all the OP’s points, his perspective is valid and his logic is sound. Now I am not saying that Nigeria’s problem would be solved by having a woman lead because the issues that plague this country is like the mythical hydra. Unfortunately, this one comes with 100 heads. But if we as men continue to throw around the “superior gender card”, in the face of women, then that superiority should translate in every other facet of our lives including nation-building. If not, then we also should be taking a majority share of the blame in a failed society, as if we trace for the root cause. More often than not, it always starts and ends with men.

So, to buttress the OP’s point. Yes, Nigerian men have failed Nigerian women, or to put it better, Nigerian men have failed Nigeria. I bet if the OP used the latter as the post’s topic, he would probably not get as much traction. But some boys can’t help themselves. Once they hear anything that remotely tries to favour women, they get their panties in a bunch.

I come in peace.

– Thanos (Nairaland)

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