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R. Kelly – I Admit

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King of R&B, has released a 19-minutes track song “I Admit” that addresses all the scandals and criticisms he’s faced in recent time.

posted the 19-minute track “I Admit” to Soundcloud, singing about his battles and troubles, from allegations he has sexually abused women to his illiteracy to being sexually assaulted himself as a child.

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While painting himself as a tragic figure wrongfully targeted, he also sings about loving “older and young ladies” and says his alleged victims were willing participants in his escapades.

Quotable Lyrics:

I admit I got so many flaws (yeah)
Told so many lies to these broads (too many lies)
Blew so much money, pop so many bottles
Yeah I fvcked a b!tch just because (just because)
N!gga, I had a hell of a day (hell of a day)
But I admit I was in my own way (in my own way)
I admit I had my mama cryin’ over me
What else can a n!gga say (uh)
I admit I can’t spell for sh!t
I admit that all I hear is hits (ohh)
I admit I couldn’t read the teleprompter
When the Grammy’s asked me to present (yeah)
I admit I love God but wait
It’s so much temptation but, wait
And mental, the drinking and smoking too much
But it helped me get through the day (oh, day)
Won’t say no names, I’m not a snitch

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