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Anything Like Gospel Hip Hop?

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what is Hip Hop

Hiphop as I always tell anyone that cares to listen is a culture, it’s an artform that has gone through redesigning renovation and reconstruction. It’s a limitless brand and how can it be utilized than to “serve” the limitless God.

In this aspect there are two types of hiphop – Secular and Gospel.

The secular is that type of hiphop that can’t be played in a church, it doesn’t matter the moral content, it could be about money (Rick Ross), about cocaine (Pusha T), about your dying love for your mom (J. Cole ), since it’s not talking about God then it’s not gospel worthy.

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Gospel rap is basically the direct contradiction of secular, any song that is meant for the church. The effect of categorizing hiphop in such manner only leads to artiste boxing themselves and not being able to explore. As artistes we should be able to touch different societal issues and political matters. We should realize serving God is also service to humanity, spread your wings, widen your horizons, the world is ours, make money, as well make a mark.

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Big ups to the likes of Lecrae and whole lots of Kaduna gospel artistes, stay true to what you believe in.

Seyi Shakespear

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